What sets us apart? When you move from A to B, we cover everything from A to Z.

We offer all the real estate services you’re looking for…under one roof.

We’re full-service, local agents that consistently deliver the highest level of customer care, integrity and expertise. Our concierge-style service paired with our friendly approach lets you relax, and enjoy your next move.

We make the process of buying or selling a home smart, seamless and stress-free experience.

Determining your home’s value and pricing it to sell is an art and a science. Our in-depth knowledge of the local market, daily tracking of sales and listing activity plus intelligent insight, help bring you the best possible price for your home. So, we do our homework, pound the pavement and make it a priority to visit every house on the market in Westmount. No exception.

We execute daily tracking of…

  • Numbers.
  • Inventory levels.
  • Sales year to date.
  • Absorption rate.

…to ensure we are THE EXPERTS on the local competition at any point in time.

Learn from our research, insights and vast knowledge of industry data and trends from 10 years of transaction history.