Meet The Team

Successful real estate brokers around the world understand that in today's fast paced world,
the ability to connect buyers and sellers depends on exceptional teamwork.

Christina recognized this shift in 2008 and set out to skillfully put together the Christina Miller Real Estate Group
to serve the greater Montreal area in Westmount and beyond.

Our tight knit team is made up of passionate, dynamic, & successful real estate professionals committed to serving you in the best way possible. Whether you are buying or selling a property, we act as your trusty advisors from search to signing.


TITLE: Certified Real Estate Broker at Christina Miller Real Estate Group
PHONE: 514-934-2480

I am Real Estate Agent because...
I was introduced to 'all things real estate' at a very young age by my real-estate-obsessed-mother. I have very strong memories of those now obsolete MLS listing books lying around our house, and of time spent leafing through them trying to decode their curious abbreviations.

I got my start ...Although I spent 20 years of my career working in sales and marketing, I knew intuitively that my path would one day lead me here. At the risk of sounding ridiculous, for me, real estate has been a calling. In October 2005, before I was in the real estate business, I was driving through Westmount to take an out of town friend to a Habs game. As we drove, I heard myself telling him everything I knew about real estate prices in Westmount. I was slowing the car down here and there to point out which houses had sold for how much and so on. Suddenly, as I babbled, a switch went off for me, and at the same time my friend said out loud "Christina, why the heck are you not working in real estate?"This happened late on a Saturday afternoon and by mid-day the following Monday my decision had been made. I had registered for the six-month Real Estate Broker course. When I told friends and family about this decision, everybody smiled. It made sense to them. And this gave me confidence, so much confidence, in fact, that I started lining up clients! On February 23, 2006, I passed my real estate exam and sold my first home one week later on March 1st. Things were off to a great start.

Why I’m different...
Sixteen years have gone by, and the momentum I had right out of the gate has just kept on going. In these years, I have worked with nearly 2000 families on more than 2500 transactions. I have watched families grow larger and families break up, have said goodbye to clients who have moved abroad and to cherished clients who have passed away. I have witnessed economic highs and lows, political referendums and changes in government. I have represented people from all walks of life. All this experience has given me many gifts. but what I have learned along the way is that, for me, it is about more than just the property. It's about the people.

Stephanie Murray

TITLE: Broker at Christina Miller Real Estate Group
PHONE: 514-652-5265

I am a Real Estate Agent because…

I love helping people find their dream home. I’m thrilled when I get the right buyer into the the right home. It’s a challenge I feel fortunate enough to have every day! Working with amazing clients and helping them through the trials and tribulations of buying or selling a home is a privilege and frankly…a lot of fun!

I got my start …

I'm a Haligonian (Halifax for those in-the-know) by birth but a Montrealer by choice. After graduating from Acadia University, I was drawn to Montreal’s architecture, cosmopolitan character and made the move to this Belle Province. Working successfully in advertising for 10 years, I made an industry leap, challenged myself and my career and got my broker’s license in 2010. I joined Christina’s team to work primarily as a buyers’ broker (bragging rights…I sold my first million-dollar property within the first three months) but my portfolio has since grown to include my own listings.

Why I’m different…

I combine the skills I developed in the advertising industry with my in-depth real estate market knowledge to bring real results and top-notch customer service to my clients. I’m also the neighbourhood know-it-all and that’s a great thing! I’ve lived in the Plateau, Outremont, the Old Port, NDG, Pointe Claire and Westmount. I’m equipped to find you the perfect home, neighbourhood and coffee shop! 

My top Montreal hot-spots are…

Stephanie’s Highlights:

  • Strong negotiator.
  • Hands-on service approach.
  • Bend-over-backwards attitude.

Peter Higgins

TITLE: Real Estate Broker
PHONE: 514-813-4261

I am a real estate agent because…

I love everything about the process. The people, the properties, the marketing, the negotiations, the sale and everything in between. Most rewarding of all is using my knowledge and experience to navigate my clients through all aspects of one of the most important decisions of their lives.

I got my start…

In 1998, I commenced my real estate career in the commercial sector concentrating exclusively on office/industrial leasing and investment sales. In the Summer of 2009 I made the move to the residential side of the business providing me the opportunity to combine the art of selling or buying a home with my skills in all aspects of the transactional side of the business.

Why I’m different…

Through my 18-year real estate career I have consistently provided my clients with a high level of hands-on service, market knowledge, experience and attention to detail with a focus on building long-term relationships. Additionally, being born and raised in Montreal, I am a great source of information on everything else the city has to offer -  from the best restaurants to schools and health clubs etc.

Jonathan Martinet

TITLE: Residential Real Estate Broker
PHONE: 514-804-9788

I am a Real Estate Agent because…

I enjoy interacting with people and the entire real estate experience that comes with it: understanding each clients’ individual needs, negotiations, analysis and ultimately, the sincere satisfaction of seeing how happy our clients are when the process of buying or selling a property is successfully completed. It’s a career that requires so many diverse resources and brings exciting challenges every day.

I got my start …

Originally from France (Bordeaux), I arrived in Quebec in 2004 and immediately fell in love with Montreal and its architecture. I studied science in France, then continued in Montreal, studying biology at UQAM before making a significant change in my career path. Several opportunities motivated me to work in sales and marketing, and allowed me to develop skills in numerous areas; sales, negotiation, web-media, social networking, websites, and publicity. In 2008, after joining a real estate agency, I decided to obtain my real estate broker license and began working in real estate in Outremont. I perfected my skills in market analysis doing door-to-door solicitation in Outremont and the Town of Mount Royal. After nearly 9 years in real estate, I had the wonderful opportunity to join Christina Miller’s successful real estate team. Every day brings new and exciting challenges, which I thrive on.

Why I’m different…

Thanks to a diverse professional background, my broad skill set allows me to offer clients unparalleled service as well as excellent knowledge of the real estate market. I possess strong listening skills paired with solid expertise in negotiations. Finally, I have a love of luxury real estate and a particular interest in the legal aspect of each transaction.

My top Montreal hot-spots are…

Working out and walking: running or biking along the long bike path of the Lachine canal; the Swimming in the Olympic basin on Ile Ste-Hélène and Mount Royal (winter or summer).

Eating out : Maïko Sushi on Bernard, La Taverne (Monkland), Maison Boulud (Shebrooke)

Jonathan’s Highlights:

Cognition and understanding of specific client needs

Excellent negotiator

Analysis and excellent judgement

Pascal Couillard

TITLE: Residential Real Estate Broker
PHONE: 514-882-3266

I’m a real estate agent because….

  • I love the sense of community that comes with the profession and having a real & direct impact on someone's life. I favour human interaction over sales and personal profits.
  • My goal is to represent you with transparency and challenge the conventional image of a real estate broker - I want to provide insight and information. I truly enjoy helping people feel comfortable in this immense investment.

I got my start…

  • With the Christina Miller Group! I was fortunate to meet Christina while I was taking my Real Estate certification. When I was given the opportunity to work with this amazing group, I knew I would be learning and working alongside the best in the business. I love the genuine care our group has for all our clients.

Why I’m different…

  • ou can view me as your real estate advisor and solution finder!
  • I love the after-selling process. Putting people in touch, creating relationships and networks.
  • I have a true appreciation for interaction and helping others achieve their goals. I enjoy being your source of knowledge, support, and reliability with your interests at heart.

Montreal Top Spots...

  • Explore: The Sud-Ouest borough! The Atwater Market and beautiful Lachine Canal year-round go to's!
  • Eat & Drink: The fantastic restaurants on Avenue Notre-Dame O., the Dominion Square Tavern in the Golden Square Mile downtown, or my favourite options: a picnic above the city in the Mont-Royal park!
  • Relax: While touring the old-port, the wonderful man-made islands of St-Helene and Notre-Dame or the beautiful parks of Jeanne-Mance & Lafontaine.

Pascal’s highlights…

  • We live in an incredible time. I am inspired every day by my surroundings and fellow citizens of the earth. Together, we can give back and commit to a massive change in the world. Let's create a collaborative society to encourage, progress and share a more sustainable future for generations to follow. Let's practice socially conscious real estate!

Marie-Alice Couret

TITLE: Broker/Client Care at Christina Miller Real Estate Group
PHONE: 438-274-8005

I am a Real Estate Agent because…

I get to be an integral part of one of the biggest events in someone's life! Whether it's their first home purchase or their latest home sale, it's always exciting to see people move on to the next phase of their lives… and share in that milestone!

I got my start …

After graduating from Concordia University in 1996, I worked for 10 years in television and cinema. In 2008, I pushed the red carpet aside and joined Christina’s team as the administrative & marketing coordinator. I successfully passed my real estate exam in 2014 and joined my colleagues at CMG as a licenced residential real estate broker. Why? I love people, love homes and love being a matchmaker. 2017 is my year to make some significant matches.

Why I’m different…

I’m known for outstanding customer service and having our clients’ best interests at heart. I’m armed with top-notch statistics and market insight so we help our clients make informed, savvy decisions when buying or selling their home.

My top Westmount hot-spots are…

Macy’s Highlights:

  • Educates the client.
  • Personal touches.
  • Attention to detail.

Julie Lacroix

TITLE: Real Estate Broker
PHONE: 514-704-1109

I am a real estate agent because…

I worked in the fashion industry for 20 years and when the time came to make a career change, the choice to move into real estate was easy. These two industries have a lot of similarities: meeting clients to learn more about their needs, as well as working as a team to achieve a goal, realize a dream, complete a project.

I knew I had the qualities to be successful in the real estate industry because I have always loved to share, help, envision and fulfill my clients’ needs, so that they can achieve the goals they’ve set for themselves. Real estate is a profession that I truly enjoy because it’s set in a colorful and constantly changing environment, which motivates me to always surpass myself.

 My journey:

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a Business Certificate from the University of Ottawa. I also have a diploma in Marketing, Purchasing and Accounting from the prestigious FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) school in Los Angeles.

My studies opened many doors for me in the fashion/clothing industry, where I had the chance to work in all areas: buying, selling, marketing, planning and import/export. I had the opportunity to travel across North America and Europe and the privilege of meeting people from different fields of expertise within the industry. This has taught me to adapt and understand the needs of both small boutiques and large chain stores. This experience made me a good negotiator and always attentive to the needs of my clients.  Whether it’s for a small or large house, loft or penthouse, my dedication is always the same, because helping a client find their new home is a privilege for me.

My strengths:

- I love real estate for the customer relationships I create and continuously nourish, discovering new properties and of course, the opportunity to work on the road.

- I have acquired a strong reputation in our real estate market with an appreciation for both buyers and sellers.

- I am always listening to the needs of my clients.

- I am hardworking, persevering and a go-getter because I love what I do.

- Given my experience, I consider myself very good at targeting the right properties based on the specific needs of my clients.

- I am always ready to take on new challenges, that's what motivates me.

- I am flexible and can adapt to all types of clients. My philosophy is that every serious customer is a good customer to go after.

- They say that I am cheerful, friendly and easy to approach.

- I have a very good knowledge of the Greater Montreal market (all sectors) and the Montérégie region.

- Since 2004, I have worked in all residential sector: single-family homes, revenue properties, condos - resale and new construction - as well projects with developers.

My favorite places:

Mont-Royal, Mont Saint-Bruno and old Montreal for its picturesque views.

Restaurants: Tuck shop, and Fiorellino

Kurt Caro

TITLE: Residential Real Estate/Listing & Sales Associate
PHONE: 514-791-2477

I am a real estate agent because…

It was a natural fit for my personality and interests. After realizing in University that a career as lawyer, my dream job at the time, was no longer the path that suit I naturally pivoted towards finance and real estate. I have not looked back since! 

 How I got my start...

I’ve been working full-time as a real estate advisor for nearly 5 years. I have experienced all the highs and lows and the challenges since then and I feel more prepared than ever to serve my clients. 

 Why I am different... 

My goal is, and will always be, working towards creating long-term relationships with clients. I firmly believe that in the real estate industry, buyers and sellers will naturally gravitate towards good hearted individuals who they trust. With this mindset and approach, I have made life long clients who appreciate the hard work, the effort and the patience that comes with every transaction. I take pride in my approach and I have seen early success through referrals and testimonials. 

Nathalie Mazloum

TITLE: Residential Real Estate/Listing & Sales Associate
PHONE: 514-632-2296

I am a real estate agent because…

Real estate merges different disciplines that I love. From history, interior design and architecture, to investment and entrepreneurship. 

I’m a sociable person by nature; being around people everyday as part of my job is something I enjoy doing. I love meeting new people and learning about their stories. A house is the most personal and intimate space one owns, and being able to help clients find that space that they can call home is a huge privilege. 

How I got my start...

With an education background in Business and Accounting, and a prior career in Marketing, I have always been both a creative and analytical person. Before I started my career in real estate I always found myself researching houses online, digging to learn more about their history, and I’ve always been interested in reading about the housing market and its effect on the economy. Today, I am very grateful to be part of this successful team, working with amazing clients everyday. 

Why I am different...

I think what differentiates me is that I’m intuitive when it comes to client needs; I understand on a deeper level what clients are looking for in a property and I work hard to find that perfect match for them. What people would say about me is that I am efficient, reliable and hardworking. I always have my clients’ best interest at heart. 

Nathalie’s Highlights:

  • Dependable.
  • Creative & Intuitive.
  • Keen eye for quality.

Judy Litvack

TITLE: Real Estate Broker
PHONE: (514) 817-5716

I often think of Montreal as my city. Born and raised here, I cannot imagine living anywhere that comes close to the quality of life we enjoy. Montrealers have the privilege of living in the only truly bilingual city in North America, a diverse and safe city where it is hard to find a bad meal and where our quickly changing weather just means switching up our boots and the outdoor activity we choose to do; too cold to bike so we play hockey or go skiing. It is a city that I am proud to call home, a great place to have raised my three children.

I love real estate and often consider myself a matchmaker, introducing people to beautiful properties and helping them to create new homes. Whether buying your first property or downsizing from the home in which you brought up your family, this can be an exciting time but also a stressful one. As a real estate professional, it is my job to minimize that stress and focus on getting you the best possible value in today’s market. My strong business background and analytical skills will help guide you through the sometimes complex world of real estate transactions.

I take this responsibility very seriously and particularly enjoy the one-to-one relationships that I form with my clients and colleagues. If you are considering buying or selling at any time in the future, please call me to discuss your needs. I look forward to working with you.

Francesca Sgambetterra

TITLE: Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker
PHONE: 514.690.4295

Francesca stands out not just as a Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker with 5 years in the industry under her belt, but as a trusted partner guiding clients through our city’s myriad neighborhoods and lifestyles. Having studied Honours Biology degree from Concordia, her sharp analytical prowess translates into insightful real estate transactions, ensuring clients don’t just find a property, but also grasp the market’s depth.

For Francesca, clients come first. Her extensive market knowledge promises bespoke experiences, while her advocacy ensures their best interests are always front and center. Count on Francesca to illuminate the path and empower every decision in your real estate journey.

Antoine Dufort-Plante

TITLE: Residential Real Estate Broker
PHONE: 514.653.8410

A graduate of McGill University with a degree in economics, Antoine has consolidated his studies and field hockey throughout his academic career.

His status as a student-athlete in the major junior league and on the university circuit enabled him to develop his team spirit, sense of leadership and organizational skills. His business acumen, curiosity about new trends and love of urban living led him to real estate.

Dynamic, honest and results-oriented, Antoine loves a challenge. His attention to detail and human touch set him apart from the rest and make him a broker you can trust.

Marie-Noëlle Nadeau

TITLE: Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker
PHONE: 514.500.8028

Marie-Noëlle is a notable figure in luxury real estate, particularly recognized in Outremont, in the charming neighbourhoods around the mountain and for record sales of unparalleled properties. Her solid reputation is forged by her determination, her commitment and her collaborative and positive approach. An actuary by profession, she obtained the most coveted title in the profession, that of Fellow of the Society of Actuaries, a testimony to her rigor at work, her expertise and her dedication to excellence. After working for a decade in Los Angeles and five years in Montreal in consulting, she leaped into the world of real estate.

Since then, her time and expertise, both quantitative and relational, are dedicated to supporting her clients in their real estate projects. Her approach combines in-depth market knowledge, a network of leading partners, and exceptional negotiation and management skills, contributing to her impressive track record in sales and customer satisfaction. Marie-Noëlle is committed to offering a personalized and VIP service, always going further.

Beyond her work, Marie-Noëlle is a fan of running, golf and downhill skiing. She is an Ironman triathlete and marathon runner, proving that tenacity and endurance are at the heart of all her endeavors. As a mother of two young girls living in Outremont, she perfectly balances her professional dedication with rewarding personal passions, a combination that guides her towards success and personal fulfillment.

Charlotte Matte

TITLE: Residential Real Estate Broker
PHONE: 514-475-6576

Charlotte has recently completed her studies in real estate brokerage and already boasts two years of experience in the field, having been immersed in the world of real estate since her youth. She is also a graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Public Relations from UQAM, which sets her apart professionally due to her human and relational approach.

With a sharp eye for detail, Charlotte adeptly blends logical reasoning and methodical thinking in her work. Her dedication to clients is unwavering, always striving to deliver the highest level of service and build strong bonds of trust.