Top 10 Kitchen Renovation Trends of 2019

Before you plan a complete kitchen renovation, it’s important to know exactly where to start and how much of a budget you have to work with.  A kitchen remodel is a costly investment, but can pay off substantially when reselling – if done well.

For most families, the kitchen is the centre of everyday life.  It’s a place where form and function are equally important.  If you’re not sure what to pick for your renovation, we hope these 10 kitchen design trends will give you some ideas on where to start.


For years granite countertops were all the rage, but we’re happy to report that granite continues to decrease in popularity.  “Solid white quartz counters. This look is too stark and commercial, especially with white cabinetry.” — Erin Gates of Erin Gates Design

Terrazzo surfaces as back in fashion and continue to increase in popularity.  Traditionally used for floors, this Italian style is now making its way into our kitchens.  Composed of various materials, such as pieces of marble, quartz and granite, the colour combinations are infinite – assuring a unique and luxurious look.

Set a Moodier tone

While there is no denying the timeless appeal of an all-white kitchen, we’re seeing a trend toward moodier hues; not only does it add a sense of drama, it’s easier to manage. Coloured cabinets such as navy, black, green and pastels are among the colour trends we’re seeing for the coming year.  “It really doesn’t get much better than this color and I’m definitely feeling that it’s going to be huge in 2019. I see so much hunter green and olive green in the market (and in fashion), that it’s destined to happen.” – Becky Shea of Becky Shea Design


Matte fixtures have started to appear as a kitchen trend in most recent years.  Gloss panels are beginning to look tired and overdone and have been replaced with more gritty surfaces.  “Black feels fresh as a crisp accent color in light-colored kitchens, and black finishes are a way to add some drama without fully darkening your kitchen” – Carolyn Pressly of Carolyn Pressly Interiors

Move over Stainless Steel

Black matte stainless steel appliances are the way of the future.  These high-style appliances are luxuriously elegant and a nice departure from the conventional stainless steel.  “Black steel reflects the light, giving the products a sober, shimmering and exclusive feel,” says Jon Carlehed, head of design at ASKO

Cabinet Doors & Handles

We’re seeing a trend toward minimalism when it comes to cabinet doors and handles.  The best cabinet handle you can get is none at all; consider updating your kitchen with clean-lined cabinetry and eliminate heavy finishes.

Upper Cabinets &  Shelving

The trend toward minimalism and simplicity reigns true with regards to shelving.  Open shelving is a great way to break the monotonous vibe of cabinetry.

Covered Kitchen Sinks

A great space saver for smaller-sized kitchens.  These double-duty sinks are great for adding more prep and counter space.  Removable cutting boards, integrated coasters and pot holders are just some of the unique way designers are optimizing this trend.

Mixed Metals & Finishes

For a look that’s rich and layered, try combining different metals such as copper and gold hardware.  These metallic accents compliment lighter coloured countertops or darker toned cabinets.  Manufacturers are offering up beautiful metallics and mixing them with high end appliances and raw organics.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights add a unique touch to a kitchen design.  Suspended lighting creates ample light to wide open spaces while adding a form of individual expression.

Integrated Appliances

Not only do induction burners use less heat, they provide a sharp look that’s great for minimal modern spaces.    “Induction cooktops continue to be increasingly popular because of their seamless look. You no longer need to see appliances sticking out everywhere anymore and that’s the new face of luxury.” – Young Huh of Young Huh Interior Design